can naruto beat goku May 16 2013 okay 1. i mean naruto is nothing compare to goku im narutos fan but cmon on people if you think naruto can beat goku then you must havent seen dbz dbgt episodes if you watch that you will know the diffrent. Naruto is on the level of people like Nappa and Saiyan Saga Vegeta and Goku. quot Naruto explained. 2 days ago. com Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku Dragon ball z Super gokuden totsugeki hen DBZ Goku vs Mario Bros Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto CR Vegeta Crazy Zombie V7. 2017 Shop Training To Beat Goku workout t shirts designed by Training To Beat Goku Dragon Ball Z Fitness Studio Motivation Hartes Training Harte wattpad fanfiction Naruto has been neglected by his parents for his siblings. Luffy Nami Naruto Naruto Uzumaki Natsu Dragneel Can he beat GokU tHoUgH Deku anime. Yeah I could name them all but it would take up too much space. He had reached the fourth level then he took it a step further and used the kaioken x 10 naruto then said. D doesn 39 t mean he 39 ll win the fight. GokuVsNarutoRapREMATCH Goku vs Naruto Rap Battle REMATCH Part 2 Thanks for watching my animations and music parodies My Gaming Channel May 02 2011 Naruto is Strong in HIS WORLD but don 39 t compare a guy who can destroy a planet to a kid who can make a small crater in the ground. All characters at their prime only canon Mar 29 2009 Goku anyone knows is the strongest. 1 CAN BEAT TANJIRO Aug 23 2018 Goku can holler all day and night reaching Super Saiyan 10 if he wants to but Usagi Tsukino 39 s goddess status puts her in a whole other tier. Rush With his ki Goku can form all different kinds of lasers ki barriers and other forms of attacks. I don 39 t know about round 1 but in round 2 goku wins he has a power advantage and can blind naruto before he usees his hax Loading editor 17 30 December 29 2016 Goku might be a close second I haven 39 t seen Z but if IIRC he also has something weird he does to eat a shitton of food Man speaking of I kinda wish there was a One Piece x Dragon Ball crossover film the dynamic of the characters work so well together. In this fighting game you can battle in single player and two player modes. Goku Vs Naruto Rap Battle Ssj lyrics. You can play Naruto Vs Goku in full screen mode in your browser for free without any annoying AD. Little is known about Satori except that it has been around since the time of the Sage of the Six Paths and that Satori Last time I checked 2 B vs 2 C however the soul punch can hurt goku most likley kill him I think the speed blitz is false and imo Goku has dragon fist inc for me Loading editor 21 57 July 24 2018 Goku destroying Naruto is not an opinion its fact. Like Like Mar 11 2012 to be onest I think if naruto used a super mini tail beast bomb he could beat luffy a rasengan to beat ichigo and a harem justu to beat goku because lets face it goku is weak even luffy can take him out The best Goku games Free Goku games in Dailygames. Art i think Goku is gonna beat Naruto cuz Naruto can 39 t fly or transform in super saiyan GOd like Goku. One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda and Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto said that Goku inspired their protagonists as nbsp 1 Jun 2018 Naruto Creator Claims Madara 39 s Final Form Could Beat Ultra Instinct Goku middot Madara Uchiha was the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan. Do you think there are any other ninja that can defeat Sasuke in Naruto Nov 11 2013 No dbz turds naruto can beat the sh t out of goku now and still get stronger madraa can destroy planets to and can live in space because of re. He could just make Goku waste his entire energy on a clone he d in fuse chakra into while preparing a major tail beast bomb since Goku can t sense Chakra summerclaw posted CM101Play posted No. both ichigo and luffy cum simultaneously. After all Naruto is one of those now iconic anime franchises. i would press ssj 2 if i was goku. Naruto can go 6 tailed for this fight and K. Nov 22 2015 Naruto Forums. since he was able to maintain it long enough to defeat Jiren a mortal stronger than Gods of Destruction so he can easily destroy Narutoverse multiple times before his form wears out. Naruto Vs Goku is a Fighting game 2 play online at GoGy. can go full beast. goku has way too much experence. Saving Naruto from a beating Goku takes him away from Konoha and trains him. Goku goes SS4 and HST verses explode as a result. Naruto even in his 9 tails cloak form would never beat Goku for one major reason Goku has a lot of freaking attacks. Ki and Chakra are left as normal he has both . I can understand that goku would lose to superman in a fight. quot Naruto quot Like if I The Hokage Would do that quot Naruto rushes to Goku who delivers a scream and an invisible force field knocks back Naruto. Dec 16 2019 7 Can 39 t Beat Goku Everyone knows Goku and most members of the anime community have grown up watching Goku. amp his debts must be nbsp 13 Feb 2017 I don 39 t know why but there seems to be this rivalry going on. Goku quot Go now you can 39 t beat me. Goku would spank Naruto with One hand tied behind his back. It just means that Ichigo s just that outmatched. Read Naruto 614 Online 800 x 1168. We all know the fact that Goku in his Mastered Ultra Instict form is basically a God or possibly stronger than GOD of destruction in th Nov 30 2018 Here are 10 Reasons Why Goku Could Destroy Naruto And 10 Why Naruto Would Win . Sections of this page. Choose one of the browsed Goku Vs Naruto Rap Battle Ssj lyrics get the lyrics and watch the video. Nov 18 2018 Son Goku the grandfather of modern shonen anime can still best Naruto and many of the more recent protagonists in the genre as well. Naruto Rap Battle Edited by DJAXS Beat by BEAT DEMONS https youtu. Ideally yes coz unlike goku they never show any power upgrades or anything for saitama so we can assume his one punch is everything and inevitable March 31 2020 at 3 51 pm 534 gocorona Goku vs naruto rap battle ssjk lyrics. Gaaarhh Roars Naruto. People say he is too fast for Goku because he was able to move in a black hole which makes him faster than the speed of light when you can literally say the same about Goku. Rock Lee on the other hand trains daily can use seven out of eight gates and is as fierce as ever. He is the most power full Super Saiyan. Idiots. Naruto after defeating Pain Goku would annilate Naruto. Who 39 s stronger Who would win and why Includes analysis and brea Jul 23 2018 By adulthood he can open seven gates. He stomps Naruto Sakura and a Jonin. Sasuke was better but idk about vastly superior. even if it did now naruto wouldent even be able to beat base form goku now 3. 8 Nov 2009 3 787. Dec 09 2018 Goku can take out Naruto during a fight but there s one big difference between the two Naruto s healing ability. 18 Monkey D. That admittance proves that Naruto is stronger than Sasuke. He failed in DBS Broly to awaken Ultra Instinct on his own Six Paths Madara is Immortal so He can t be beat The Six Paths lasts Longer than The Amaterasu Which Is eternal Black Flames that kill all who touch them. If goku can 39 t beat superman and naruto can beat goku Can naruto superman probably not but that not the question But what I do know is that goku can blow up planets on his own probably And marital needed everyone in all of marital to beat like one guy so I think not I mean I 39 m a huge Naruto fan but even so Naruto can 39 t beat Goku. For one Goku is too damn strong so strong in fact that the series got a bit boring for me. The fight takes place in a level plane so that there is no advantage based off the location. I don 39 t think there needs to be elaboration here. Nastu can 39 t even handle kid goku let alone ssj goku. 0 3. King Piccolo used a lot of energy to destroy a city and after the battle Yajirobe mentioned how Goku beat someone who could Goku vs. Naruto held back during the fight and refused to actually end Sasuke 39 s life. Dragon Ball Super has seen numerous fighters trick overwhelm or just plain outclass Goku for the win. Oozaru Kid Goku for the easy Naruto Shocased this ability btw in The Last. and so what goku has died. OT. Select . End of DB Goku Piccolo probably stomp as well. Naruto Death Battle Fanart by DarkVadder2016 In Rikudo Kuruma Sennin mode Naruto can destroy entire villages and By abilities we mean all the techniques our heroes have under their sleeve to defeat nbsp 14 Jul 2020 Although barely any anime characters can defeat Dragon Ball 39 s Goku Although Naruto 39 s physical strength isn 39 t on the level of Goku he can nbsp 24 Apr 2017 Goku could destroy a planet. N. Obviously Goku isn 39 t needing Ultra Instinct to beat Naruto a mere Super Saiyan would be enough. naruto maybe a lot smarter but if he did get the surprize attack it would do nothing goku would just be standing there like nothing happend and thats if he dosint dodge it some how GOKU HAS WENT AGAINST PLANET DESTRYING FUCKERS this Boomstick Goku can produce a blue sphere of positive energy drained from nearby life forms to completely beat the heck out of a Supervillian if there is no Villian 39 s around Goku can absorb it which makes him capable of punching right through his enemies. goVickgo7. never underestimate the future hokage. SpaceBattles Forums 659 x 1100. As he travels around the world he trains to gain more power and After defeating Omega Shenron Goku and Shenron leave their world and enter the world of Naruto. Browse for Goku Vs Naruto Rap Battle Ssj song lyrics by entered search phrase. Worse comes to worse he just gets Friendship no Jutsu 39 d. Nov 19 2017 So Death Battle 39 s Naruto vs Ichigo happened. Why Goku is fighting against children At least you would put Naruto and his friends as teenagers. Naruto gets the majority of his power from the nine tailed fox while Goku has trained vigorously throughout his life and becomes stronger after every battle. Simple. One of them even says that Goku can 39 t even touch Tobi or defend against a genjutsu. Some say that Goku can easily defeat t. Basically a natural life force energy similar to how Naruto uses chakra. The comments are swarming with Narutards. Piccolo Jr. This being knows all of the abilities that Naruto and Goku know. Haha no way. 3 3. But remembering the Madara vs Nappa thread this will just turn into a debate over how certain Naruto powers attacks actually work. We w This Was Ninja From The Naruto Universe That Could Beat Kill Goku Theory Analysis Hopefully you guys enjoyed this new style of video had a lot of fun Goku is so powerful that he can destroy Planets and even defeat the Gods of destruction. By Boruto Naruto is less regimented and relies heavily on his raw power. The best canon feat in dbz is super perfect cell capable of destroying the whole solar system with a kamehameha. He still sucks ass and naruto can kick his ass. It s like saying that Iruka can beat Naruto because Naruto s overpowered and thus it s not fair. Ok being serious End of shipuuden Naruto could probably beat Saiyan Saga Goku pre Kaioken. Jul 11 2008 Naruto would obviously win. You just know he was thinking of Goku when Bulla was conceived. God I miss the days when Raditz would easily solo the Narutoverse and using low ends will still never let Naruto beat Goku . While Naruto has also trained a lot Goku has won the majority of his battles and even when he died he trained and became stronger because of it. 08. my name is son goku i am May 18 2020 Kame Hame Ha Just a fact did you know that Dragon Ball is one of the inspirations for Naruto Without it Naruto wouldn t even exist So let s look at what it is and why it s an inspiration. Goku could beat Naruto by standing sti. Tweet Share on Facebook. Kami stated this when he fought piccolo jr 2. GOKU amp v g ta amp gohan. Eckson e Naruto VS Goku e Vegeta. Misashi Kishimoto stated exactly Why Madara can Beat Goku in Mastered Ultra Instinct. Jun 11 2018 Goku can beat Naruto and if they somehow worked Superman into this game it 39 d put an end to two decades of GameFAQs forum arguments in one fell swoop. Naruto being able to control the Fox is great and now he finally is fast. How will the world handle Naruto being trained by History 39 s strongest warrior. Goku Would definetely beat Naruto due to the fact that Goku in his BASE FORM can withstand 100 MEGATONS of force while Naruto can be killedby NINJA STARS I mean that 39 s just funny Goku can destroy a galaxy while Naruto can kill a simple minded NINJA. Seiten Taisei Son Gok more commonly known as Son Gok or simply the Four Tails Yonbi is one of the nine tailed beasts. an uzumaki hmm then 3 anbu black ops came to the seen then naruto ran up to the one in a dog mask and yelled kakashi niisan as naruto hugged the anbu kakashi look at goku and said who are you asked kakashi. Rules No Yellow Lantern Ring No hypothetical viruses that effect Saiyan 39 s being created. Goku is NOT Immortal But is He A God. Also Goku can moves at th speed of light. Continue nbsp 15 Jan 2016 That 39 s right guys Naruto is the strongest guy in American history He can beat anyone. Just because he 39 s E. Naruto really bad on giving up Nov 19 2017 So Death Battle 39 s Naruto vs Ichigo happened. Forums gt Konoha well there is a couple of pretty fucking powerful legendary 39 s that look like they can either give goku a problem or beat em in the Jul 23 2016 I am going to put a debate me and all of the internet have had to rest Son Goku could beat naruto on a 1 on 1 fight no items no help just a plan and simple battle to the death. Can naruto win or will kid goku emerged victorious INTERLUDE Today we have kid goku from the dragon balll series And naruto as a adult from the naruto series Hi it 39 s me gaming dude 178 and it 39 s my Nov 07 2019 Naruto s Tailed Beast could certainly cause some damage to Goku. Let 39 s discuss who could and who WILL beat goku i 39 m not saying i 39 m against goku and the other dbz characters i just want to know who would dare try and beat goku as he is THE strongest anime character ever. Get lyrics of Goku vs naruto rap battle ssjk song you love. Still have questions Get answers by asking now. With overpowered abilities such as Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto can definitely take Goku on. The characters even match up Goku being a superhero alien sent to Earth that has an immense amount of power Naruto being an orphaned martial artist who relies on tools and Goku stomps and here are the reason why 1. Forums gt Outskirts of Konoha gt Outskirts Battledome gt Also Goku from Dragon Ball can beat that goku. This is one of the most important advantages he exercises during a fight which also helps him to stay stable. Dragon Ball Super vs. Jan 29 2010 Goku can blow up planets piccolo blew up the moon in the saiyan saga to prevent gohan from rampaging as the oozaru form and that was the saiyan saga which is WAY back there. justu and all he has to do to kill goku is drop the big a rock that al most blow up the planet At what point in his life would Goku be strong enough to just barely manage to beat prime Naruto in a one on one fight Edit As this is a 1v1 fight Goku can not use Spirit Bomb because it requires the help of others . Most people believe that goku would win by going into super sayain and use spirit bomb but there are those who argue naruto can go into tailed form mixed with toad sage mode and win and also Im pretty sure if they can fight off babadi 39 s mind control they can beat a effin sharringan dbz doesnt have chakara so goku cant use the rasengan he can just kamehameha and blow narutos head off vegeta would kick SASUSKE AND ITACHIS ASS like i said nothing is stronger than a saiyans will to fight im pretty sure he 39 ll break out final flash Aug 30 2020 Naruto persuaded the One Piece creator to hold off on his ninjas and it is hard to blame the guy for doing so. Ultra Instinct Vegito Nov 22 2015. The fight would be Hard for Both. Son Goku is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series created This leads to Goku asking Merus to help train him to master the Ultra Instinct state so he can defeat Moro. C. I ll Kamehameha all over this wannabe Hokage Looks like I 39 m having fox for lunch today Nov 08 2009 Naruto Vs Goku Beat It Michael Jackson. Furthermore Goku can sense any form of energy and therefore constantly know where Sasuke is. Also the Kyuubi can absorb attacks well chakra which is based on the same thing as the energy which Goku uses. Beyond that like the Box Satori 39 s history is overall a mystery. Hell even his ape form isn 39 t actually much of a threat until he 39 s had QUITE a bit of training. 1 year ago. Let s found out Goku Chi Chi Goten and Ox King was on thier home. But goku wins. 20 GOKU HE CAN LITERALLY BLOW UP PLANETS We know Goku is really over powered in a lot of ways but there s one thing that should really tell you just how far out of his league Naruto really is. Naruto Shippuden The Saiyan Warrior vs. Apr 08 2007 Goku 39 s creator Toriyama Akira is like a sensei to Naruto 39 s creator Kishimoto Masashi Goku got lots of experience compare to 15 years old Naruto. Time space Can naruto beat Goku That 39 s a question that can 39 t really be determined but since naruto has sage mode and goku has super sayans it would probably be a tie. be jB_5pGRUokw Thanks Ultra Instinct Goku faces off vs Six Paths Naruto Uzumaki but this time no holding back. Nov 07 2019 Naruto s Tailed Beast could certainly cause some damage to Goku. Jan 09 2020 Epic Rap Battles of History Goku VS Naruto Begin Goku It 39 s the Year of the Monkey So i m gonna rap like crazy I 39 ll burn you just like your country. 00000000000001 seconds after the match starts goku could have Nov 22 2016 Naruto 39 s popularity rivals Goku 39 s. Feb 13 2008 Goku will win against one tailed Naruto. quot Sasuke says as they left. Later of this Naruto is creates shadow clones that appears in many smokes for attack Goku. Goku can move faster than the eye can see turn into nbsp 8 Aug 2019 Goku Vs. Tailed Beasts are already some of the most powerful creatures in the Naruto universe they re also known as Chakra Monsters. Goku is charging his KI and a blue spark is near in his body when Naruto punches Goku s chest and see that this can t affect the Saiyan. naruto maybe a lot smarter but if he did get the surprize attack it would do nothing goku would just be standing there like nothing happend and thats if he dosint dodge it some how GOKU HAS WENT AGAINST PLANET DESTRYING FUCKERS this Who can beat Goku V get and Gohan. Still by the end of the climactic battle Sasuke admitted defeat. Comparing Naruto with Goku. Nov 11 2018 The two both lost an arm when they fought at the Valley of the End. so luffy and naruto would work together untill they beat goku. Jun 26 2012 Also even if he s Over Powered that just means he s too tough. Sep 16 2015 Read the topic about Is Saitama stronger than Goku on MyAnimeList and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world Join the online community create your anime and manga list read reviews explore the forums follow news and so much more Check out these awesome Goku tank tops online Train like a super saiyan and wear these Goku singlets everywhere. But Goku can levitate all he needs to do is to stay high enough out of Naruto 39 s range and use kamehamehas. Goku 39 s strength shows that at SSJ4 he could withstand 6 sextillion tons. 5 Alucard now please tell me how in gods name naruto would beat him nd keep in mind gokus speed moving at the speed of light means that in 0. 2 1. And Asta is nothing but a tiny insect when compared to Goku. He could just make Goku waste his entire energy on a clone he d in fuse chakra into while preparing a major tail beast bomb since Goku can t sense Chakra Oct 10 2017 But Goku is a Solar System Buster. Collapse replies 1 reply. FaradaySloth. quot Fine. spoiler alert remember the episode with naruto and ten tails how he could give others nine tails chakra and that let them go one tail form. Why He can BLOW UP the entire . There are 60 lyrics related to Goku Vs Naruto Rap Battle Ssj. By then Chioutzu is stronger than current Madara. Kakashi notes that most talented ninjas can 39 t even open one. youtube. e. Some people say that natsu beat sting and rogue but fairy tail is known for having terrible power scaling since natsu can beat someone that can beat anyone else that 39 s stronger than him. A weaker version of Naruto could Already match this Madara in h2h blow for blow. naruto naruto uzumaki said the now named naruto. DBZ anything is overkill. Wouldn 39 t be suprised if he did tbh. Sep 07 2020 animefreak1 in all seriousness do you think that naruto can beat xeno goku. can they beat Oozaru Kid Goku Ultimate Wil. The characters from TV animes BORUTO NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS and Tap and you tell us in the comments if they can beat Goku in the match up 10 Jun 2018 The Naruto Shippuden One Piece Death Note and DragonBall a century of Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump manga titles to beat the snot nbsp 15 Feb 2019 jump force promo art luffy goku naruto To actually join a team finish your talk with the Director so you can travel to each team 39 s part of the nbsp With Tenor maker of GIF Keyboard add popular Son Goku Vs Naruto animated GIFs to your When Naruto Trys To Beat Goku Naruto Vs Goku GIF nbsp 6. And that power null or reflect needs feats against a character who can fodderize Universe Level characters due to being levels and levels above them Even Base Goku post BoG was Universe Level yet Goku has not only gotten massively stronger in base and other forms since BoG with Mastered Ultra Instinct he 39 s now got a form Jun 05 2018 Naruto Creator Claims Madara s Final Form Could Beat Ultra Instinct Goku Madara Uchiha was the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan. quot But we 39 re wasting time because he 39 s beating up Krillin quot Naruto pointed and Goku gritted his teeth in anger. Even Start of Z Goku stomps. each time a sayin gets beat he gets ten times stronger maybe more than that. 9m Posts See Instagram photos and videos from 39 goku 39 hashtag. Superman Peter Petrelli Hulk anyone of them can beat this bully. . B. quot You did this quot Goku asked with Naruto nodding his head rapidly. Now we can get this party started. According to Gamabunta the Box of Ultimate Bliss quot brings forth quot quot actuates quot and quot ends quot with Satori. era Goku could defeat the entirety without any effort. He has the nine tailed fox spirit and has a power level of nbsp 1 Jun 2019 Video Title Goku vs Naruto Power Levels Dragon Ball Z Naruto In this video Naruto Spin and Burst https www. Just because Goku can destroy planets doesn 39 t mean 9 tailled kyuubi wouldn 39 t survive. Yes. 5 years ago. In spite of his headstrong boisterous nature Naruto would have a nearly infinite amount of time to learn Goku 39 s power strengths and weaknesses. If you care to give a reason to why they can cannot beat Goku please post it. I ll take that tail kid. Nappa 39 s the real debatable one here because he needs to get his ass kicked a bit before going all out where he can keep up with Goku . List contains Goku vs naruto rap battle ssjk song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. NemeBro. Goku grows stronger as the fight progresses and adapts to his oppenent that are relative to his strength. He founded Konohagakure alongside his rival Hashirama Senju with the intention of beginning an era of peace. Why almost all of his attacks are physical and dragon Ball anime is all about physical attacks and destroying planets. so what will happen if he does train naruto Nov 09 2008 You should see ThePhone999 Naruto rants on youtube. I 39 m more familar with Bleach than I am with Naruto but matching Goku against a guy with swords feels a bit too unfair so we 39 re going with Saiyan v ninja wizard. 3 Ichigo is still pretty strong and can be argued to beat Naruto. Or he can use a spirt bomb and then teleport away from the planet. Kamehameha on the beat Hinata be all on my meat And then I skeet skeet skeet skeet Goku in the leaf Sasuke Yeah Goku Sasuke told me bring the heat Sasuke Bring It Goku Sharingan lookin sweet Sasuke Sweet Goku Naruto lookin weak Sasuke Weak Goku Shoot a ki blast at your cheeks Sasuke Cheeks Goku Like yeet yeet yeet yeet Sasuke Naruto Jun 02 2011 Naruto Forums . Boomstick Plus Goku can 39 t breath in space so he 39 d die instantly. Godlike Naruto. He then goes onto beat an Akatsuki singlehanded. shit. Dragon Ball follows the story of Son Goku a goofy child with a monkey tail. Being serious here Dragonball era Goku as a child could beat the majority of Narutoverse. Naruto Rap Battle Edited by DJAXS Beat by BEAT DEMONS https youtu. But can goku beat saitama In the end isshiki otsutsuki is stronger you can cry about it Naruto and sasuke won against madara with plot armor je would destroy quot I 39 m technically adopted but I am connected to him biologically quot said Naruto quot Wow well name 39 s Goku I 39 m the god of Destruction of Universe 6 quot said Goku as the two shook hands quot Well it 39 s good meeting the person I 39 m supposed to beat quot said Naruto quot Beat me like in a fight quot asked Goku I ll beat this Peeping Tom so bad he ll have another nose bleed I ll make this demo graphic so you ll fail like graduation And out of determination my win ll be Fun imation I see you need a hand but no plot armor can save you You re just a Shadow Clone of me Son Goku 0 45 Naruto Look another infant trying to cry for attention Naruto and Sasuke are very bemused to see that Goku and Vegeta can also transform Wh what the Sasuke shrills. Ok everyone thinks Naruto can beat Dbz well they wrong Goku vs naruto is a really hard fight to know who wins. He is the protagonist of Dragon Ball which has been written by Akira Toriyama. com watch v L2HsV. Goku 39 s is like optimistic quot Oh boy someone 39 s stronger than me I can 39 t wait to get even stronger quot and Vegeta 39 s is angry almost petty quot GOD DAMMIT HE 39 S STRONGER AGAIN quot It 39 s not like Goku is lying awake at night stressing out because Vegeta is stronger. Luffy the protagonist of the incredibly influential and still ongoing series One Piece would just squeak out a victory against the blond ninja. Naruto spamming his clones will only make him weaker since his power is equally distributed to the amount of the clones he makes. Please leave a like and subsc KP quot killed quot goku who would 39 ve easily beaten naruto and sasuke. Naruto can destroy trees and water towers. The G mann SPEHSS MEIREEN. Naruto can barely finish a bowl of ramen without getting winded. what is naruto based off of besides nothing. goku has not died sense the cell games. quot Look Goku and I tested Kakashi sensei when we began and figured out that we can 39 t beat him on our own we have to work together to even have a chance of getting the bells. Aug 04 2012 just like people saying naruto can beat goku. Naruto may be stronger but Rock Lee might be stronger. Can Naruto Beat Neji. 19 Nov 2017 The next time some frothing at the mouth nerd tries to argue that Naruto can beat Goku in a fight you bring up the words Spirit Bomb. He is a mysterious yet evil being who bears a striking resemblance to Goku and has not only caused the Earth 39 s second apocalypse in Future Trunks 39 timeline but nearly wiped the multiverse of all life. I don 39 t know about that I think Naruto can defeat end of DB Goku and Piccolo. They are so similar because most of Naruto is based off Akira Toriyama 39 s work. Sasuke glances at Sakura and at Goku who nodded to the both of them. Naruto had pushed beyond super Saiyan 3. Nov 02 2016 6 Ninja From The Naruto Universe That Could Beat Kill Goku Debunked Duration 20 30. Naruto was worn out when Sasuke fought the gang. Goku would simply Sep 04 2017 Description Today we have two pure hearted beings who found out about there heritage sooner or later now since it 39 s not fair to compare adult goku to naruto now we will compare kid goku to naruto. also Goku can fuse with Vegeta. its obvious that goku gt naruto gt luffy. Their durability and speed is doubled their strength is added together. kid what is your name goku asked him. this would never happen 2. Hurry and shop now 30 Nov 2018 If he were to fight Naruto there 39 s no way the ninja would be able to even see what 39 s attacking him 17 NARUTO COULD GOKU REALLY BEAT A nbsp 19 Jul 2015 Goku would brush Naruto 39 s most powerful attack off like it was nothing while Naruto was in his most OP 39 d form. be qzhXEGRR8D8 BACKGROUNDS by CooliSushi https youtu. Jun 30 2015 I think that Naruto would win because Goku is lame. Reply Jan 23 2010 Gaia Online is an online hangout incorporating social networking forums gaming and a virtual world. Naruto is from Naruto in the animangaverse Or something like that. Luffy One Piece Monkey D. It was last sealed within R shi of Iwagakure. Tell me who and how. Since dbz is over and done with Naruto is currently still running in anime and manga. Nightmare Athena 39 s Saint Satori Satori is a demonic bird like creature that appears in Naruto the Movie Blood Prison. SethTheProgrammer 847 616 views. com to find out Enjoy playing Naruto Vs Dragon Ball Z Goku Jun 19 2017 The Z Fighters during the Saiyan Arc sans Goku should follow the same logic. But can goku beat saitama In the end isshiki otsutsuki is stronger you can cry about it Naruto and sasuke won against madara with plot armor je would destroy Eyyy about time this series came back right Pun no fuck you Here we have Dragon Ball and Naruto two of the biggest franchise names in anime and manga. also it was said in nbsp Goku can destroy entire planets in one blink of an eye and can survive in space can naruto do that 1 pts. By going SS4 and Naruto going into Sage Mode it would be an epic battle though with an obvious outcome. But you can 39 t compare the narutoverse by comparing Naruto with goku as he 39 s the main protagonist. Goku can easily beat him If Goku had a fight with that Naruto guy who would win Well lets use logic Gokus power level is somewhere around 15 000 000 while Narutos is like 200 or even less. Jul 07 2014 Why do some people say that naruto characters can beat goku with a op move while also admitting that goku would lose to superman. According to my opinion obviously a ninja like Naruto can 39 t beat Goku. Jun 19 2017 The Z Fighters during the Saiyan Arc sans Goku should follow the same logic. Andrew. Boomstick Super Saiyan 1 gives Goku a 50x increase SS2 gives him an 100x increase SS3 gives him a 400x increase and SS4 gives him an 1000x increase Wiz Goku can destroy planets like most DBZ characters but we will also scrap this due to being unfair and out of character. goku would not even have to go ssj4 on him. Ask question 100. Vegeta takes Goku s place and Goku takes Vegeta s one. So just because Goku s overpowered doesn t mean he should lose to Ichigo. She doesn 39 t even have to demonstrate her vastly superior speed and erasure ability if she wanted to she can melt the matter surrounding their fight twisting Goku 39 s face toward his own one shot KO. Nov 11 2013 No dbz turds naruto can beat the sh t out of goku now and still get stronger madraa can destroy planets to and can live in space because of re. be qzhXEGRR8D8 BACKGROUNDS by CooliSushi nbsp No offense to the Naruto lovers but you have to agree that there is no way Naruto could beat Goku in a fight. HTML code Can Hokage Naruto beat Goku well its obvious naruto is gonna win because he has shadow clones sage mode six paths cage the nine tails and much more but goku only has kaio ken and super sayain Yes sir i do said the boy. Although by the time Naruto defeated Pain he was more powerful than before Goku had achieved an almost god like power with his Universal Spirit Bomb. middot Madara nbsp 29 Apr 2017 also Goku can hardly withstand LAVA in this case Naruto would launch lava shurinken which is hotter than ordinary lava. Luffy VS Wonder Woman Pegasus Seiya VS Hulk Saitama VS Fatigued Superman Fatigued Spider Man Wolverine Wonder Woman and Hulk Ash Ketchum Asuna Yuuki Bleach C. We 39 re talking about a Saiyan vs a Shinobi. 0 Super Heroes 2 Crazy Zombie 6 Super Heroes Goku Dragon BallZ Dressup Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 3 Son Goku Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2 8 Crazy May 18 2013 Characters like Ichigo Luffy and Naruto beating Goku Buu saga What 39 s your opinion I think it 39 s gay Goku definitely. Jump to. Goku without a doubt. Death Note Edward Elric Eren Yeager Fairy Tail Franky Girl Goku Hatsune Miku Ichigo Kurosaki Index Librorum Prohibitorum Kakashi Hatake Kallen K zuki Kazuto Kirigaya Kirito Ky bi L Leafa Lucky Star Lucy Heartfilia Majin Buu Mikoto Misaka Mirai Nikki Monkey D. at first i easily thought that the ppl from dbz can top all the naruto characters without even trying but after seeing what Madara and Itachi can really do i often find myself wondering do the people from naruto really have a chance against Goku Jun 01 2018 Think again. Now it s you and me kid Aug 26 2020 I know this is a joke but consider you used a High 1 A Goku your most likely trying to say that wanked Goku can actually win against her but you realise Feathrine is currently Tier 0 so not even that wank is enough to not be stomped. quot Anyway it 39 s with this power I can fight with Buu and with Goku and Vegeta helping me we should be fine quot Naruto shrugged. Vegeta says to Goku Kakarot now you take care of this winged one. Not even Goku and Vegeta could imagine. With his newfound power of Ultra Instinct the only entity powerful than Goku in Dragon Ball is the supreme king of the entire Multiverse Zeno the Omni King. Goku 39 s Durability was already said. Nov 03 2006 Dude. Goku can punch a hole in space time. Goku can move so fast naruto would be unable to see him at all and his blows are far more powerful. Grabbing them by the shoulders and instant transmissions to Feb 04 2014 Naruto cannot beat Goku. I won 39 t spoil the result but it gave the inspiration for an idea I 39 ve had for a while. With their incredible ability to utilize chakra in massive amounts they re already formidable but that s not the most petrifying thing about them. This video was created under this goal. Metacafe Affiliate U Subscribe Unsubscribe 2 160. He has stolen my honor. 5 years Nov 11 2008 not really had Naruto from shippduen fought Goku during the end of DB and early DBZ that would be a challenge but past the sayain saga even his ninetail form can 39 t defeat Goku. justu and all he has to do to kill goku is drop the big a rock that al most blow up the planet Oct 30 2017 As Goku 39 s power continues to soar he still finds other fighters who can keep up with him and in some cases beat him. Accessibility Help. Follow 15275. Training To Beat Goku Or At Least Krillin Trening Majica. Also this is post movie Naruto with all of the tailed beasts. Forum Posts. Naruto can go kyubi and do a rasengan but goku can use instant transmission and do a kamehahameha on Naruto. P L A N E T Even Kyuubi can 39 t beat Goku. Apr 04 2008 Are you stupid Goku. Naruto can transform into a woman via magic skillz. 39 Is that why he always watches me train So he can learn how to fight 39 Goku thought remembering all the times he 39 d see Naruto watch him train. Art. Until Goku quickly instant transmissions to ichigo and luffy. Naruto even with his amazing techniques speed and strength is easily shadowed by Goku 39 s and i 39 ll be pointing out why threw Goku 39 s forms and i 39 ll be doing this by telling Oct 10 2017 But Goku is a Solar System Buster. quot Faster than anyone could see naruto vanished from view. Goku can break a brick with a pinky age 7 Naruto was still trying to do a backflip at that age. I 39 m going to say Yamcha stomps . You are asking me to compare the character which was inspired by the Legend i. In this video we debunk SimplyGrouch 39 s 6 Ninja that from Naruto Shippuden that could beat Dragon Ball Z 39 s Super Saiyan Goku. Itachi Beat Madara Can Naruto beat Goku Our purpose is the importance of education in our society. dragonball is based off a chinese No. Naruto sage mode can beat goku super sayain 2 so if you keep going six tails can par with super sayain 3 while sage of six paths naruto hokage full kurama mode can beat at least super sayain blue and with sasuke complete susanno they could beat super sayain blue and vegeta. Share. The very notion that Naruto would beat Goku is like Why would he I don 39 t even know why you even bring this up. Can Ichigo even do that while in Shinigami Form He shouldnt hve a physical body. Superman Peter Petrelli Hulk cualquiera de ellos apalea a ese abusivo. May 02 2011 Naruto is Strong in HIS WORLD but don 39 t compare a guy who can destroy a planet to a kid who can make a small crater in the ground. Mar 11 2009 Think about it while Naruto does possess tremendous power he can 39 t raise his power like Goku can so Goku would win without breaking a sweat. At the same time. Naruto not getting involved because he is too young. Will Naruto Uzumaki defeat Goku or will The Saiyan Warrior will defeat the Ninja with Jinchruiki powers. 50 seconds Goku Black is the main antagonist of the quot Future quot Trunks saga of Dragon Ball Super. Hit is the perfect example of a char that can beat brutes like frieza and goku and rely more on technique to win than silly stuff like blow a city and hope it s enough carnage to kill. Por lo menos hubieras puesto a Naruto y sus amigos como adolescentes. Can you do your best and help Naturo restore the peace to the world Play this challenging free online flash RPG game in Minigames. Goku has defenses against anything Naruto characters can throw at him Nov 11 2015 Naruto verse can take him particularly by the time he actually did so. Apr 14 2018 Mindfuck doesn 39 t work if you get blitzed before you can use it. 10X weakling is still weakling. Naruto is more similar to that. This guy can use a Kamehameha that would blow up earth just by going SSJ3 not to mention SSG. Who can beat 39 em Apr 01 2015 Yamcha beat him. Batman has to use his arsenal We know Batman can beat Superman using Kyrptonite and Red Sun radiation but Supes has more weaknesses than Goku. Just like how if you or i were to fight a young mike tyson he 39 d beat the shit out of us thats not an opinion thats a fact. They 39 re basically the Superman and Batman of the manga world. naruto would do that with luffy then luffy would go second gear and use haki naruto would go nine Fight with Goku Vegeta and other heroes from the anime universe DBZ vs Naruto includes a bunch of cartoon heroes with special moves. Apr 11 2015 Naruto and Goku have donned the potara earrings and fused into one being Goruto. Naruto can bear aly move at the speed of sound. DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is the ultimate DRAGON BALL experience on your mobile device This DB anime action RPG game features epic 3D visuals and nbsp 30 Apr 2020 Meanwhile Naruto and Dragon Ball Z characters have a classical sense While you can 39 t possibly hope to replicate the innate swagger of the Jojo trials and tribulations of Goku Vegeta and the other Z Warriors on Dragon nbsp 24. Son Gok and the tailed beasts first came into being in the waning days of Hagoromo tsutsuki who used his Creation of All Things Technique to divide the Ten Tails 39 chakra into Goku can go several times over the speed of sound as a kid Goku could go at LEAST Mach 3 since he could create 4 after images and more . Feb 20 2008 goku train naruto what if goku trains naruto to be a better fighter. I think Hokage Naruto is older than Ichigo. The Seveth Hokage. Eventually it is revealed that he is the Zamasu from the original present timeline who switched bodies with Sep 04 2018 Naruto vs Goku in all their corresponding transformations May 16 2013 okay 1. 129 cocoussybreaker anyone can beat Goku in that game. In the manga he naruto can now turn Mar 04 2015 Since i 39 m getting tired of this goku vs naruto goku vs this that. Jan 23 2016 Oct 15 2018 Even if Vegeta can never hope to catch up to Goku I hope he can at least find some solace in the idea of someone else delivering the beat down. At first Naruto seems like a weak kid but he is actually incredibly strong and possesses a vast array of abilities. Goku just has to turn SS4 and one Kamehameha later Naruto 39 s toast. Bolt And it 39 s not magic. Fight the characters from Dragon Ball Z as Naruto. Team Superman Goku VS Superman hard fight OPM VS Batman curbstomp Naruto VS Spider Man hard fight Ichigo VS Wolverine Monkey D. Ultra Instinct Goku vs Kefla Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta thinks He can also nbsp 30 Jul 2017 This Was Ninja From The Naruto Universe That Could Beat Kill Goku Theory Analysis Hopefully you guys enjoyed this new style of video 1 Dec 2019 Goku vs. quot Yeah yeah I did what I see you do during training and was able to beat it quot Replied Naruto. Make combos use super powers and beat the Big Gorilla. Yamcha 39 s power level was mistaken for Saiyan Saga Goku by Gero EoS Naruto can definitely take saiyan saga Feb 21 2019 No Naruto can 39 t beat Goku. Cause you know you just can 39 t touch me Do away with this lame fame hogging shame. Goku can 39 t beat up naruto because if goku can even destroy a planet kyuubi tailed naruto can regenerate and put a nine rasengan up goku 39 s a Can vegeta beat Goku no not even close Rush Goku has the knack of mimicking ki techniques. Whenever his birthday is I hope Vegeta enjoys it. He travel around the world even far to galaxy. but . Naruto is known among fans to heal himself fairly well during a fight. Dec 08 2013 I 39 m a huge of both series however I knew about dbz before Naruto. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight . Jul 16 2006 When you post a character remember to tell us where they 39 re from Ex. Language English Nov 01 2011 Category 1 Goku after defeating Omega Shenron Vs. Goku can destroy planets. In the ToP these people from universe 2 threw a black hole at Goku got trapped in it like Saitama and he was able to pull off the kamehameha. January 22 2015. Naruto got a big boost from the Wind Rasengan training finding a counter to Sasuke 39 s Chidori. Not only that but Naruto can destablize The Biju 39 s Pwer inside Madara with his attacks assuming he can attack swiftly enough not alow Madara to use Preta Path. Sasuke Wouldve Lost 2 Both Neji Or Lee Uninjured In Exams 800 x 1206. Naruto quot Just shut up already quot Naruto throws a kunai at Goku 39 s chest The kunai breaks as it touches Goku 39 s skin. His tenacity would give him the edge here. 20 30. 22 Weaker I love Naruto more than dbz at this point but dude Goku can literally destroy planets and fold gods goku could one tap Itachi no effort needed level 2 7 points 2 months ago Goku could definitely beat Naruto in a fight prety much any Hax in Naruto current Goku is like more powerful than 616 Odin but bellow Galactus saying some hax like Kamui or anything like Jul 14 2020 Although Naruto 39 s physical strength isn 39 t on the level of Goku he can certainly do well against him in a fight. We 39 re determining these results at a full powered Goku whether you consider SSJ3 or SSJ4 Goku the strongest that 39 s left up to you . Share Video. NarutoxTsunadexHinata. Aug 08 2019 Even though Goku s the strongest in the entire world Naruto could still beat him with smarts. can naruto beat goku